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About the IMM
What is an IMM?

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For many Mini drivers an IMM is a well known phenomenon, but for some it's not clear what it's all about.  IMM is short for International Mini Meeting.  It is an International event which takes place every year in a different country during the European whitsun weekend.  Every 5 years we celebrate the Mini in England when the IMM takes place around the Mini's birthday in August.

An IMM is a 3 day event for young and old. Besides the classic Mini, all derivatives and yes...even New Mini's are welcome!  The event starts on Friday afternoon when most of the participants arrive.  After signing in, they find a good spot or go to the appointed place of their Mini club.  The latter can vary at each event.  The best thing to do is to place the Mini in such a way that everybody can have a good look at it.  The tent is just a minor detail.  On Friday evening the event is officially opened.  Different activities will be organised for Mini drivers and Mini Clubs during the rest of the weekend.  Recurring features are the Concours d'Elegance, boot sale, traders area, dinner on Saturday, party on Saturday night, breakfast on Sunday and a closing party on Sunday night.

Basically an IMM is all about socialising, meeting lots of other enthusiasts, relaxing and just having fun.  After you've met and spoken with lots of others, bought all the parts your precious vehicle needs to become even more beautiful and had some fun, the IMM closes with a ceremony on Sunday night.  During this event the awards are presented and the IMM key is handed over to the club which organises the event the following year.  Of course you can leave your tent up for another night because you can stay until Monday morning.  Then the event is really over and everybody leaves for home, dreaming of the next IMM!  


IMM Activities

There is always lots to see and do at an IMM, but what makes the event so special is that each year's IMM also has its own characteristics, ideas and activities.

IMM Traditions

There are some key elements that you will experience at every single IMM.

The IMM Key

The key is the symbolic baton of the IMM and is handed over by the current year's host club to the following year's host club during the closing ceremony. 

The IMM Family

Your first IMM can be quite daunting, even if you attend with your club, but it is very easy to become part of the big family that makes the IMM so special.


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